Yoga-Bewegungen für harte Jungs

When it comes to training, tough people have long adhered to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. According to experts, this assumption is not only wrong, it can lead to serious injuries. Wim Hof ​​Method  Exercise can be tough, but pain isn’t a requirement for success. It could actually be a warning from your body to slow down or change your routine.

Men traditionally prefer competitive contact sports, but the urge to win can also be challenging to your physical body and emotional health. Professional athletes, along with other sports enthusiasts, are discovering that yoga can help improve overall health and well-being while being more effective in contact sports.

20 ways to help someone struggling with yoga moves

• Teach breathing techniques to make difficult or painful tasks easier.

• Helps untangle and balance uneven muscle patterns that have taken root from years of rigorous training.

• Improves flexibility and relaxes tense muscles

• Offer a different perspective and appreciation for “softer” training methods.

• Increased awareness of body sensations

• Help develop patience and let go of perfectionism.

• Make other exercise programs more effective.

• Prevents injuries or recovers faster.

• Strengthen muscles and improve posture

• Help with weight control

• Slows down the aging process.

• Strengthens the immune system and improves overall health.

• Promote healthy sleep patterns

• Increase concentration and mental strength

• Improvement of organ function and blood circulation

• Release endorphins that make you feel good

• Increase endurance and performance

• Lactic acid breakdown due to prolonged physical activity

• Works on the whole body

• Remove toxins from the body

If those reasons aren’t enough to convince rough folks of the benefits of yoga, these breaking news may be enough.

• Swami Bua – an undocumented yogi because there are no birth certificates – died in 2010 at the age of 120. He could stop the cycle. And later, at the annual United Nations conference in New York, I was able to blow a conch shell in one breath for up to five minutes each year.

• Wim Hof ​​broke his own world record in 2008 by spending 1:13:48 on the ice. He used the tummo breathing technique used by Tibetan yogi monks to regulate body temperature.

While many men don’t want to spend a day sucking clams or using breathing techniques to survive on icy mountains, these examples show the incredible power of yoga and its potential to enable seemingly insurmountable feats. You have little doubt about the usefulness of yoga in competitive sports and other areas of strict physical exertion.

There are many yoga movements (asanas) to challenge your strength and sturdiness, but the following list is a short list for competitive athletes of both sexes.

Yoga moves for tough people

Sun salutation sequence

Dolphin pose



Crow pose

Bike posture

King of the dance poses

As always, consult your family doctor or specialist before starting a new exercise program. Appropriate guidance from a qualified and competent yoga teacher is recommended. Pre-existing illnesses or injuries should be respected by changing the technique.

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